How time flies when you don’t pay attention.

Its easy to fall of the wagon

i keep on thinking that it’s selfish if I put my interests in front of other peoples interest, but if i don’t, then i feel like i’m getting the wrong end of the stick. i have to learn how to balance between relationship…

To change old habits, have to create new tricks

Got up at 5:50 this am, felt good. rested a bit in bed but i got out of bed by 6:15. prepped my protein shake, my amino laced water bottles and left the house. I knew Hilda wanted to go for…

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

Post Thanksgiving eve, i weighed in at 187.2# this morning.. I feel great, but i know i better loose at least 27 of these #’s soon. so i think i have to pull some drastic measures. …

Full of estrogen Saturday

Agajanian Clan, with the Vartanian genes running through those veins.

Had such great walk today with the nieces this AM. a great surprise. I cant believe time flew by so fast.

a great relaxing day, a lot of time to ponder about things we left dont think much about...

Breakfast was great…. I cant believe how…

Geek Superheroes Run

Beautiful things don’t demand attention. Global Citizen, Change Maker.

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